3 Spring Hacks to Reclaim Your Landscape

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As harsh winter gives way to beautiful spring, we can’t help but see the winter’s toll on our landscape design.  Spring is warm and attractive and everyone looks forward to spending time outdoors to enjoy and relax after long months of cold temperatures and gray skies.

Here are 3 spring hacks to reclaim your landscape — make it lively, strong, and vibrant.

  1. Bring Back the Colors.  

Spring is all about new beginnings, and a colorful and radiant landscape design is great for celebrating a fresh start.  Planting perennials and annuals that bring color and vibrancy to your yard will definitely boost your home’s curb appeal. Growing the right plants in the right spaces provides aesthetics and functional value to your garden. Shrubs like Forsythia will cheer up your garden as it blooms at the beginning of spring.  This plant may be used as a gorgeous border between two properties or landscape border because of its elegant, rowdy branches and bright yellow blossoms.  Climbing or rambling roses with their foliage and colorful flowers are perfect for pergolas to create a beautiful and romantic garden shed.

  1. Create Outdoor Living Spaces.

Spring is a great time to host outdoor gatherings—have fun with family and friends. Make your outdoor space an awesome place to relax and entertain with a new custom patio design, whether you prefer the look of natural stone, brick, or pavers. A well-designed patio provides a functional space and creates focal points in your backyard as well.

  1. Light up Your Surroundings.  

Springtime is the ideal season to add lights, torches, and other visually appealing details to your outdoor living space. Landscape lighting helps keep your garden illuminated, secure and inviting,and  highlights key landscape or architectural features. Proper landscape lighting installation allows you to enjoy your outdoor living space into the evenings. Likewise, custom made fire pits not only creates an excellent source of entertainment and warmth in the cool of the night, but serves as a welcoming centerpiece that enhances the beauty of your home.

Spring marks the end of harsh winter, and it is the perfect time to reclaim and restore the splendor and function of your outdoor living space in Kentucky. So whether you’re planning to revamp your existing landscape or start on new projects, Landscape Contractors in Nicholasville are just a call away.  We’re here to serve you.

At Nature’s Expression our landscape architects and designers build highly integrated outdoor living spaces for families to enjoy in Nicholasville, Georgetown, Lexington Kentucky and the surrounding area.  We consult, design, construct and maintain outdoor solutions that provide functional aesthetics on budget and on time.  https://nei-lex.com/