5 Factors To Consider When Planning An Outdoor Kitchen

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Updating our backyards with outdoor kitchens can significantly extend our living space for fun and entertainment.  With outdoor kitchens, we can enjoy the same pleasure of indoor dining with the beauty and tranquility of nature expressed in our very own garden and landscape design.

However, installing an outdoor kitchen is complicated, thus we need to consider the following factors to install functional, aesthetic and long lasting custom outdoor kitchens for backyards.

  1. Plan Your Layout

The design is one of the most important factors you need to consider to build a beautiful and functional kitchen in your outdoor living design & construction.  Think about what you’ll need to cook your favorite things, whether its a 6 burner gas grill or incorporating a Big Green Egg into the design. But remember, it’s not all about cooking, but also about how you entertain guests when you invite them over for dinner.  The kitchen layout will decide how efficient outdoor events go.

  1. Consider Your Location

Location is very crucial in installing your outdoor kitchen. For instance, a location that allows you to take food to and from your indoor kitchen with less effort is great, but make sure to keep a clear path between them to prevent obstructions while you are prepping or serving. Also, you may want to consider who will be in charge of cooking, if the cook wants to be in the center of the event or not.  

  1. Choose Your Materials

Your outdoor kitchen will need to survive the different elements of weather like sun, rain, sleet or snow, so make sure to choose durable materials such as brick, concrete or cultured stone and blend with details made of metal or granite to look more attractive.  However, the materials you use should complement your home and landscape design.

  1.  Decide On Your Appliances/Equipment

Deciding what to buy can be a big question mark (???).  An outdoor kitchen can include warming drawer, wine tap, dishwasher, grills (whether gas, propane, electric or charcoal), stove, oven, refrigerator, hood and ice machine. How often you are going to cook outdoors and your style of cooking will determine what appliances you’ll need to purchase.  

  1.  Consider Your Budget

Create a budget and work within it to make sure that you will not end up spending more than your estimated costs for materials, appliances, equipment, building permit, labor and other related expenses.  You can seek the help of a registered landscape architect to work with you within your budget.

Summer is approaching and an outdoor kitchen is a perfect space to entertain and indulge your culinary tastes with beautiful scenery in view. Custom outdoor kitchen builders can work with you to install your dream outdoor kitchen, from design to construction to finishing touches.   

At Nature’s Expression our landscape architects and designers build highly integrated outdoor living spaces for families to enjoy in Nicholasville, Georgetown, Lexington Kentucky and the surrounding area.  We consult, design, construct and maintain outdoor solutions that provide functional aesthetics on budget and on time.  https://nei-lex.com/