6 Awesome Outdoor Stone Step Ideas

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Your outdoor space is one of the most important spaces of your home where you can relax and unwind in the upcoming warm weather. So whether your landscape design and construction is for just adding more dimension and character or you have  an incline, steps and stairs are a great addition to your outdoor space for ease of access to go from one level to another and serve as a walkway also.

You may need to manage several levels if your yard is on an incline or slope, and stairs are an excellent and timeless solution which offers design opportunity. You can build stairs from different materials such as rustic wood, concrete blocks, bricks and railway sleepers, or oftentimes we use stone to construct stunningly beautiful garden steps.

Stone can transform plain and simple garden steps into a wide range of different styles and designs. Stone can vary from rugged and raw to delicately cut and polished. Stone can be a simple unfussy design– a plain, clean, sleek look. It can also look rustic and natural when surrounded with wild plants and creeping moss.  Stone that is perfectly cut and well arranged can have a majestic and magnificent look—perfect with well-kept creeping plants and vines.

  1. Castle-like stone steps. The adjoining walls are covered in well-kept vines and climbing plants like Climbing Hydrangea and Virginia Creeper which add to the royal and regal look. Walking through these regal steps will feel majestic.
  2. Uneven cut asymmetric stone and wild plants – This stone step design is one of the perfect combinations you can have for real natural looking stone steps. These stone steps are perfect when covered with moss and wild plants, offering a magnificent natural look.
  1. Rugged and naturalistic –Shrubs and bushes along the borders of the uneven and rough surface of these stone steps will perfectly blend into the surrounding nature. However, be reminded that before planting perennials  along the steps, you should carefully pick plants appropriate for the width of the step’s tread—plants should be at least slow growing or creeping, sized appropriately and of course sturdy to withstand some foot traffic.
  1. Small set of stone steps. Instead of being built out of individual stones, these stone steps are cut and carved from large boulders. The stones are moderately covered by moss which blend perfectly with the landscape design.  
  2. Light and bright stone steps. Stones come in various colors and styles. Planting perennials like ferns, Lily of the Valley and Brunnera along the sides and borders of the light and bright stone steps will make the feature more appealing.
  3. Fine cut stone steps plus rugged retaining walls – These are well carved and cleanly designed stone steps with rugged and rustic large boulder retaining walls covered in moss. These two designs are characteristically different, but they perfectly match.

There are countless ideas and designs for your backyard stone steps and stairs that will perfectly complement your outdoor living design & construction.  Choosing the material and size that fits your tastes and landscape design and theme allows you to customize them perfectly for your space.

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