6 Ideas For Sloping Gardens

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Ideas For Sloping Gardens

Not all backyards are wide, open and flat; and if you are one of those homeowners in the beautiful rolling countryside of Kentucky, who have an uneven or sloping yard, don’t get frustrated!  Landscape Contractors in Nicholasville can offer solutions to have fun with your uneven landscape.

Here are some ideas to turn your sloping garden into a beautiful and functional landscape design.

  1. Install Custom Built Decks.

Installing a deck or a terrace over a steep sloping yard offers a  flat and wide space for more enjoyment of the time you spend outdoors and great views of your landscape design. Depending on the slope of the yard, building large boulder retaining walls and columns may be necessary to prevent erosion.  Walls and columns can be used to complement your garden,  create flower beds, and also allow for storage underneath.

  1. Create a banked border.

Most plants thrive on slopes as well as they do in flat beds, so you can build flower beds that mount from a path, creating a lustrous and green walkway.  Cutting tiny steps into the bank will provide you easy access for weeding and pruning.

  1.  Install railings and fences.

Large boulder retaining walls, decks and terraces can create a steep drop that poses danger of someone falling, so building railings and/ or fences will keep your kids and pets safe. Landscape architects and designers can help guide you through all of the beautiful material choices to make your backyard garden appealing and safe.

  1. Create a feature walkway.

A sloping landscape is typically more visible from indoors if the elevation slopes towards the house, so creating dramatic stone steps connecting your home all the way to the end of your sloping garden can be enticing to look at and walk on, as well as functional, creating easier access to the upper part of the yard. When choosing materials for a feature path, pick one with enough texture that’s not slippery when wet, especially if it is adjacent to a pool and pool deck.

  1. Plant the hillside

Planting a slope with a mix of hardy low maintenance perennials with varying textures is a great way to manage a difficult terrain and make the slope a focal point. Be mindful of the maintenance of what you plant however so you aren’t trying to scale the hillside with sharp pruners.

  1. Choose a quiet space.

Although outdoor kitchen and outdoor dining are ideally built adjacent to your house, your quiet space can be located anywhere in your garden.  Choose the most private spots of your sloping garden where you can install a natural waterfall and build a small patio where you can relax and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature expressed in your own backyard.

Landscaping a sloping yard poses some challenges, but turning your uneven and unruly yard into a magnificent and first class landscape design can be possible in coordination with a landscape designer in Nicholasville, Kentucky.

At Nature’s Expression our landscape architects and designers build highly integrated outdoor living spaces for families to enjoy in Nicholasville, Georgetown, Lexington Kentucky and the surrounding area.  We consult, design, construct and maintain outdoor solutions that provide functional aesthetics on budget and on time.  https://nei-lex.com/