Enhancing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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First impressions can make all the difference and the same is true for our home.  The view of our outdoor spaces gives the first impression of our home, so it is crucial to boost our home’s curb appeal.

Landscape design & construction can give your outdoor space the boost it needs to make it visually appealing to the neighborhood and inviting to your family and guests. Here are a few ideas to improve your home’s curb appeal.

  1. Create a Plan

Before you start with landscaping, imagine what landscape design (aesthetics and function) you would like to create. Then consider the existing permanent structures on your property like the house itself, pathways, driveways, pools, yard drainage system, etc.  Existing plants and trees in your yard that you would like to retain should also be considered. Starting without a plan can eventually cost you more money if you need to fix what wasn’t correctly installed.

2. Utilize Vacant Spaces.
Decide how you want to use the vacant spaces.  For instance, you can provide spaces for an outdoor pergola installation.  Pergolas can be an awesome addition to your yard and they come in different sizes. Pergolas can serve outdoor functions such as dining or lounge areas. They can be used to support vines or climbing flowers or used to transition from one section of your garden to another area—its purpose is endless.

  1. Balance Softscape and Hardscape

Softscape and hardscape are two main elements of the landscape.  A yard that goes overboard with softscape elements like perennials, trees, shrubs, flowers and groundcovers might look like a forest with no pathways or partition in which to access them.  While landscaping with excessive hardscape materials like decks, large boulder retaining walls, walkways and patios don’t create a paradise-like ambiance where you can relax and enjoy with nature.

  1. Use Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of the most important elements of landscape design to enhance the nighttime ambiance of your yard and at the same time gives you peace of mind and security.

  1. Create Focal Points

One of the most important factors of an eye-catching, breathtaking landscape design is a focal point. A focal point should be something special that leaves you in awe (Wow!) when you glance at your landscape.

To create a beautiful and functional landscaping, good planning and coordination between landscape contractors and landscape designers is a must before excavating begins. 

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