Get Your Outdoors Ready For Spring

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Winter is still here, but springtime will be here  very soon. There’s a lot of spring cleaning to be done inside, so getting your outdoor space and landscape design in order early will help make your spring a little less hectic.

Here are 5 ways to set up your outdoor living space perfectly and enjoy the striking beauty of spring and the long days of summer, too.

  1. Take inventory of your outdoor living design & construction.

Even though it’s still cold outside, this is the perfect time to take inventory of your outdoor space—what needs repairs or what needs replacement. Any broken structures like garden furniture, yard drainage system, fences, gates, retaining walls and trellis are best fixed now so you have more fun and leisure in your outdoor living space during spring and summer.

  1. Give your gardening tools cleaning and sharpening.

Proper and regular care of your garden tools not only helps preserve them (you save some bucks in the long run), but also helps prevent the spread of disease. Dirty secateurs (use for cutting plant stems) may generate bacteria and fungi to fresh pruning wounds. Cleaning and sharpening your tools will improve their performance – they’ll be easier to work with and will give cleaner pruning cuts.

  1. Sow/Plant seeds that require a longer season.

You can start sowing seeds as early as January and February like Geraniums (Pelargoniums), Dianthus (Carnations/Pinks), Begonias, Antirrhinums, which need a longer growing season. However, you’ll need to provide them extra heat as temperatures will be too cold for the seeds to germinate.  Most seeds will germinate between 18°C – 22°C, so it’s recommended that you use an enclosed heated propagator or similar device to maintain the required temperature for good growth.  The plants get off to a head start for the earliest blooms, making your garden more stunning and attractive come spring and summer.  

  1. Hunt down and eliminate garden pests now.

You can save tons of trouble come spring and summer by hunting down and getting rid of hibernating pests.  Take a closer look at the crowns of your perennial plants and you may find loads of snails, slugs and aphids sheltering for the winter.  Look carefully for the white vine weevil larvae that inhabit  the compost and feed on plant roots. Wipe out any you find and get ready to treat for vine weevils using chemical drenches or parasitic nematodes. These garden pests if not destroyed can threaten the budding beauty of your perennial garden design in spring.  

  1. Build more shade and shelter.

The warm sunshine and the beauty of nature expressed in our landscape design are what draws us to being outside during the warmer months. However, being exposed to sun all day long isn’t relaxing at all.  Don’t settle for a simple patio umbrella, but you can choose to build custom patios and custom pergolas which are great as shade and shelter for seating areas or a roof structure over outdoor kitchens.

Time and again, it has been proven that nature refreshes our mind and body.  With sunny weather coming its way, there’s nothing more exciting and thrilling than spending time outdoors  with family and friends where plants, flowers and trees begin to reveal their splendor once again, yielding new areas of shade, visual breaks and attraction for wildlife.  If you need further assistance to get your outdoor space ready for the springtime, you can contact the best landscape architects and designers in town to lend you a hand.

At Nature’s Expression our landscape architects and designers build highly integrated outdoor living spaces for families to enjoy in Nicholasville, Georgetown, Lexington Kentucky and the surrounding area.  We consult, design, construct and maintain outdoor solutions that provide functional aesthetics on budget and on time.