How to Create a Lovely Container Garden

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Lush foliage and beautiful blooms create a welcoming environment even before you enter a home and it doesn’t take a large space to create a beautiful garden. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Any space will do!   So, if you think your small outdoor space limits you from planting perennials and annual flowering plants, container gardening is a great way to create a lovely mini garden in your landscape design. What you need is a window sill, a doorstep, a patio, a porch  or deck for pots and containers, a little planning and creativity.  That’s all!

Here are 5 container gardening hacks to create an awesome landscape design in your small yard.

  1. Pick a container

What’s best in container gardening is that the containers or pots themselves become part of the perennial garden design.  Choose containers or pots with different shapes, colors and sizes, and make sure to contrast your plants for color and interest. If you wish, you can personalize your design to reflect your lifestyle and personality. But, whatever you choose, make sure containers have drainage holes to allow excess water to drain and prevent soil to become waterlogged.

  1. Use quality potting soil.

Plain garden soil is too dense (when dry, it will harden into a solid mass) and it doesn’t provide enough nutrients, air and water for container grown plants.  Instead, fill your containers with good mixtures of potting soil, which may include peat moss, compost, perlite, vermiculite, and/or rotted manure.

  1. Select and Combine plants

Actually, you can grow almost any plant in a container; all they need is a container with enough drainage holes so plants won’t drown and the right soil to absorb the nutrients they need.  If you want to grow perennial flowers and plants for your custom patio design, you can select and combine plants like Heuchera(Coral Bells)  with cyclamen and skimmia;  and Rose Altissimo mix with Bacopa, Glacier Ivy and Purple Lilac Vine.  Apply the concept of “Thriller, Spiller, Filler” to create a stunning container garden.  This concept is combining plants of varied heights and sprawling habits.

in each container. Perennial garden designers can help you choose the best combination for your layered plants.

  1. Water, water, water

Plants in containers need more frequent watering than those growing directly in the garden. Whenever the soil surface feels dry to the touch, water! As much as possible, irrigate every day during hot summer days.  You can use a garden hose, a watering can, or for your convenience, install a drip irrigation system with a timer that automatically waters your plants every day.

  1. Remove faded and withered flowers.

With withered blooms, your garden container loses its beauty and appeal. Most annuals and many perennials will continue to bloom during the growing season if they are frequently deadheaded. Deadheading is a gardening term which means removal of faded or dead flowers from plants. Regular deadheading, results in healthier plants and continued bloom. Snapping or cutting withered flower heads can improve the flowering performance of many perennials.

There is no limit to revamp your limited space with a garden container and perennial garden designers can help transform your ideal dream garden into reality.

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