Maintenance Services

Nature’s Expressions has a diversified staff of certified nurseryman, arborists, horticulturalists, and team members that have worked in the landscape industry for 30+ years.  There are several types of clients that choose to become regular maintenance clients here at Nature’s Expressions. Clients that recently finished an outdoor living space or landscape project and now want to keep their yard looking just as good as when we left often choose to keep our guys in the red shirts around on a regular basis so that they don’t have to maintain any of their gorgeous plants and keep them in good health.  Other clients hear about our excellent staff or witness their neighbors yards looking pristine and want to hire them to manage their own backyard.

Keeping trees and shrubs looking their best requires seasonal trimming and pruning as well as mulching and adding seasonal color.  Managing a landscape also means guiding future change and development in order to foster growth. Our team has the experience to care for and make recommendations as they see problems arise due to unpredictable weather and insect infestation.

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